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GENESIS TOOL BOX: A clever detail

The patent-pending GENESIS Tool Box is embedded in the hip plate of each of our mannequins. It contains all of the tools and information required throughout a mannequin’s lifespan, including a cleaning sponge, gloves, and matching touch-up paint. The Tool Box is also the perfect place to store clothing labels when dressing your mannequin.

LIGHTWEIGHT: The lightest mannequins on the market

GENESIS mannequins are extremely lightweight. Women mannequins start at 8kg (about 17.5lbs) and men at 9kg (just under 20lbs) without their bases, so they can be easily carried and assembled by just one person. Our mannequins are so light because they are made of fiberglass reinforced polyester and laminated by hand rather than being produced with the conventional blow molding process. Additionally, 47% of plastic material is replaced with a natural bio resin that makes our mannequins lighter and more durable. This material means every GENESIS mannequin is a sustainable product. All of our mannequins can be manufactured with alternative production methods like polyurethane. For more information on our materials and production, please contact us.

LEG SPRINGS: Well thought-out detail for easy handling

All GENESIS mannequins with a wide leg pose have a spring fitting. This leg spring creates flexibility in the mannequin’s leg so it can be moved and automatically spring back into its original position. One person can effortlessly pull pants on and off the mannequin.

DETACHABLE HEELS: For a complete-looking outfit even without shoes

Many female GENESIS mannequins are equipped with removable heels varnished in the same color as the respective figure. All of our female mannequins can be fit with removable heels upon request. This creative feature lends a complete look to any outfit even if it doesn’t include shoes. If you’d like to display shoes later on, the heels are easily removable and can be stored inside the GENESIS Tool Box!

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